Home theatre automation service in Toronto and the GTA

Home theatre automation in Toronto

There are many advantages to having a home theatre or as some call it a new media room. You can stay at home and entertain friends and guests, great for kids and family, no lineups or crowds and  you can pause whenever you like to grab snacks and the like. They make for excellent gaming rooms and make watching films and listening to music a theatrical experience.

smart home theatre automationMedia servers and other sources

A media server allows you to store all video and music collection in one accessible place, making it easy to control from other areas of your home. Things that you’ll also have access to include.

– CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc

– Video games such as Wii, Xbox and PlayStation

– Netflix,YouTube, AppleTV

– Cable and satellite TV

Maximum control through Savant, Control4 and AMX

Including a control system in your new media/home theatre room will greatly enhance your experience. Not only will it control the actual media source but lighting, volume, climate and shades as well. A system like this can automate certain functions , for example you can lower shades cue projector and dim the lights with the push of one button.

Integrated home theatre in existing room vs Dedicated home theatre

Some customers opt for a dedicated media/theatre room with all the bells and whistles.  A dedicated media room is definitely the pinnacle in home theatre environment that gives the ultimate “going out feeling” while being in the comfort of your own home.

Others prefer installing a surround sound system and a flat screen in an already existing family style room where it can be used for other purposes as well. Regardless of your preference, a more desirable experience will result from both systems  where high definition image and sound will be the result.

Operate your media room with a control system like this by itself or as part of a full home automation system.

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